We all know that the most important stage of development in a child’s life is before the age of 6.

In fact, research has shown that the first six years of human life are the most important for a child’s intellectual development. Research has confirmed that correct influence or, on the contrary, incorrect influence in the first years of life has a huge impact on the behaviour and intellectual potential of a child.

Therefore, it is logical that the educational programme in kindergarten has the development of such potential as its aim.

With this in mind, the CREF team decided in 2003 to create the first trilingual kindergarten, capable of offering a structured educational programme in Moscow. An education, which parents have the right to expect.

Also amongst our priorities, was the creation of a pleasant and gentle atmosphere whilst learning in game form.

As the pioneer in trilingual training, P’titCREF developed a worldwide-recognised original technique of training, which allows children to study foreign languages in a game form according to the officially accepted programmes of each country. Thus, children are being prepared for school in special conditions.

For 10 years under the leadership of the founder of CREF group Bertrand Coué and director of P’titCREF Virginie Durand, P’titCREF has revolutionised kindergarten teaching in Russia and has enabled children to develop harmoniously in a multicultural world.

Our methods of teaching and professionalism illustrate the success, which P’titCREF has enjoyed from the moment of its creation.


Main figures of history of P'titCREF

2003 - Opening of P'titCREF on basis of the language center CREF
2004 - Opening of P'titCREF Arbat.
2006 - Opening of P'titCREF in Nizhny Novgorod.
2008 - The CREF Editions publishing house starts to develop training materials for P'titCREF.
2010 - Release of 27 P'titCREF workbooks in Russian, English and French
2011 - Opening of P'titCREF in Kyiv.
2012 - Registration of the P'titCREF brand.
2012 - Development of a technique of training in Spanish and Ukrainian
2012 - Registration of the P'titCREF brand.
2013 - Creation of new brands: Languages4kids - lessons for children in foreign languages and Les P'titsPLUS - study groups for children. Beginning of preparation of pedagogical materials under these brands.
2013 - Opening of the first two Moscow franchizes: P'titCREF 1905 and P'titCREF Rublevo.
2014 - Projects on opening of new centers in Russia and Europe, and also in Argentina in March, 2015 are developed.
2014 - Opening of P'titCREF Marbella (Spain).
2015-Opening of P'titCREF Izmailovo.
2017 - Creation of series of textbooks for Languages4kids in French and English.
2017-Beginning of development and adaptation of series (nine workbooks of P'titCREF) in Chinese.
2017 - Opening of the center in Cairo (Egypt) working according to programs and methods of P'titCREF.