Языковые курсы


Foreign language courses for children

P’titCREF organises foreign language courses for children in parallel with kindergarten. Classes take place in the afternoon, in the evening (after usual classes in kindergarten) and on days off, depending on available rooms and demand. We teach languages such as French, English, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

There are a maximum of 8-10 children in the groups. These groups are uniform; pupils have an identical level of proficiency in the language. Pupils in a P'titCREF language course are aged from 2 to 7 years; they are placed in age groups. The majority of children may go to other schools or kindergartens, but their parents want them to learn one or two foreign languages from an early age. Some children study at P’titCREF, but their parents want them to know another language better.

What we offer

During the week, the lessons are held during the day or in the evening after the usual classes in kindergarten. There are also classes at weekends. Check the schedule at the nearest P'titCREF centre. You can choose the most suitable timetable for you. P'titCREF offers courses in English, French and Russian as a foreign language for young children from 1.5 years of age and preschool children up to 7 years.

And Languages4kids has recently expanded its range of studied languages and now it also offers Spanish courses for children. Hurry up to enroll for courses Languages4Kids in the P'titCREF children's centre!

To help parents whose children are engaged not only in our courses, but also at home, the project Languages4Kids has opened its own page on the VKontakte social network, which has tasks and interesting handicraft activities for children. Sign up to the Languages4Kids on Facebook, to be in touch with all our events.