For children aged 1-7 y. o. Pre-school education focuses on allowing the child to develop the skills connected with self-knowledge, life in society and communication. It allows the child to begin their development of intellectual, methodological, personal and social skills. At this time, children also begin to address interesting questions and real situations by means of games. In each group, we unite children who speak different languages. This way, a natural multilingual environment is formed and children acquire knowledge easily and quickly. Such "hashing" is a component of a technique at PtitCREF which promotes spontaneous communication and direct contact between children. It also gives a tangible form to concepts which are too abstract (in learning of a foreign language) for children. The child does not ask the question "why should I learn a language?”, he/she naturally understands that language is a means of communication with other children.


Trilingual Nursery - Toddlers Groups (2-3 y. o.), for the afternoon or a whole day

The classes for 2 year olds provide favourable conditions for socialisation amongst small children. These classes play an important role in the development of the child and promote successful interaction between the family and elementary school from their very first meeting. Classes with very young children are always conducted in game form. Teachers use concrete methods of training based on games. Special attention is paid to the general development of the child, studying of languages and knowledge of the world around them.

Trilingual kindergarten groups (2-6 y. o.), for the afternoon or a whole day

There are a maximum of 12 people in a group and children are placed in a group depending on their age (see the table below), instead of on their level of proficiency in language. In the schedule of these groups, we add mathematics, music, sports to creative and other classes. It is very important for the balanced various disciplines (graphics, writing, reading, logic, development of the child.

Preparation For School Grade (6-7 y. o.)

In most school systems, this age group is usually part of the primary school; In Russia and Ukraine, however, this is the last year of the cycle of nursery school. This is why PtitCREF includes a preparation section to the school, "Prep". We continue to follow the national curriculum objectives even if, because of the trilingual education in this section, the Prep class of the PtitCREF has a special status with a suitable operating mode Why do parents whose children will not integrate a Russian or Ukrainian primary school choose PtitCREF PREP section? After thinking about the best opportunities for the children's future with the teaching staff (access to an English or French school ...), many families believe that it is beneficial for their child to continue another year within the quality framework provided by the P'titCREF: small groups which guarantee individual attention, a teaching team close to the family, and an ambitious school project. In this section, the children continue to practice the three languages of school for one more year, at the age when the language is not only intuitive anymore because the grammar becomes cognitive that helps them to fix their knowledge of learned languages during their years at PtitCREF. In Prep class:
- We are committed to ensuring that children acquire the mechanisms of reading in their native language, with the help of parents, or if necessary with additional courses.
- We are also committed to making our Prep students well-rounded children, preparing them for their long school career with curiosity and without fear.
- We pledge to follow all the learning spheres of the national curriculum, divided between the three languages (mathematics, science, arts, sports, ...).


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*This class doesn't have a real correspondence within European or American systems. It is a transitional class between GS/Year 1/K and CP/Year 2/1st Grade.