P'titCREF in Spanish Marbella

The quality of our methodology has been well known in Russia for a long time. Thanks to our foreign parents and teachers, it is becoming better known abroad, as well. Because of this, the franchising possibilities offered by P'titCREF are attracting a lot of interest. Now, P'titCREF El Campanario is welcoming children in Marbella, Spain.

P'titCREF El Campanario offers all the comforts a modern children's educational centre needs. Located in a detached building just four kilometres from Puerto Banus, there are separate sleeping and toilet facilities for the children. The school lunches are provided by a restaurant following Russian nutritional standards for preschool meals. There are currently three groups there learning in Russian, English, and Spanish.

According to Headmistress of P'titCREF El Campanario, "The purpose of our educational centre is to teach children other languages, taking advantage of their young age. We are happy to use P'titCREF's unique teaching methodology with full immersion in a language environment where children learn new vocabulary and quickly become acquainted with new cultures while playing."

Tel.: +34 647 94 22 77