Science weeks have started in P’titCREF

Science weeks have started in P'titCREF
Children are always curious about their surroundings and want to understand the world around them and how things work. They find ways to explore the world of 4 elements and to get familiar with different materials. They are very much attracted by the living and growing things around them.
Teaching Science to kindergarten-age children is teaching them to see their own place in the environment and to build up new concepts of Nature and Physics.
The following weeks teachers and pupils of P'titCREF will investigate different aspects of Astronomy, Physics, Biology and Botany.
Through games, experiments, artistic creations and the use of documents kids will be learning about the solar system, discovering physics through the 4 elements, observing the growth of various plants, studying animals and insects. Children will also be introduced to the concept of Ecology
All these activities help children to better understand the world around them and give them an awareness of how to protect it.
Teachers prepare an interesting and educative scientific program with a new discipline every week.