Franchise P’titCREF

Join the number one network of trilingual nursery schools

With more than 10 years of undeniable success, the renowned P’titCREF can now offer you the opportunity to profit from our experience and further develop our concept of a trilingual nursery school in your city. Not only is the market rapidly developing, but it also boasts above-average profitability.

Our originality rests in the trilingual nature of our educational programme that we designed to facilitate intellectual development in a structured, yet entertaining fashion. Moreover, P’titCREF observes each country's pedagogic framework for nursery school education.

Presently, P’titCREF's trilingual approach can be adapted to the following languages: ENGLISH, FRENCH, RUSSIAN, UKRAINIAN and SPANISH.

P’titCREF has significantly invested in the creation of teaching  materials. These materials have been specially adapted for trilingual purposes by CREF's own publishing house, which is the only publishing house of its kind on the market.


Quality pre-school education is investing into the future.

Parents always want to give the best education to their child independently of an economic situation in the country. To educate a child at P’titCREF provides a remarkable opportunity to learn some languages in game form and according to a well-structured programme.

The P'titCREF franchise combines a profitable business based on a unique concept with the added pleasure of working with small children in an educational sphere.


1. Use of the P'titCREF trademark and its business reputation;

2. Use of teaching methods and materials devised by P'titCREF: for the trilingual kindergarten and also for the integrated language school "Language4kids" and extracurricular activities under the brand "Les P'titsPLUS" 

3. Training departement for directors, teachers and assistants with a strong quality control policy

4. Commercial and marketing support from P'titCREF (Newsletters, Facebook, brandbook...);

5. Centralised online system of the purchase of training materials to save time and money;

6. Attractive and well-known website with operative SEO;

7. Administrative and pedagogical resources available online;

8. A competent, available and human international team, who will carry your project in the highest and support you in all the phases of the implementation of your center.

Principal conditions of a contract (know-how and a trade mark)

Initial capital contribution 35000 euros (rate of «Central Bank of Russia» on the date of payment)
Royalty 5,5% of turnover of the centre

Minimum of the annual payment to definy at the signing of the contract
Term of the contract 5 years
Right to use the name and the service mark YES
Brand book YES
Use of databases, management programs YES
Website to provide the page on a corporate site
Consulting support when opening center (on legal, administrative matters) YES
Proposition of interior design P'titCREF and project of basic design of rooms YES
Introduction training (instructing) for the director YES
Introduction training (instructing) for the manager YES
Introduction training (instructing) for teachers YES
Introduction training (instructing) for assistants to teachers YES
Introduction training for study groups coordinator YES
Introduction training for the coordinator at courses of foreign languages for children YES
Pedagogical control for teachers YES
Pedagogical control for assistants to teachers YES
Pedagogical control for study groups coordinator YES
Pedagogical control for the coordinator at courses of foreign languages for children YES
Use of methodology YES
Study materials to pay separately
Providing information support for hiring native teachers YES
Interviews and tests for native teachers to pay separately


Creation of a P'titCREF center "from scratch"

Depending on the legislation, completion of all administrative procedures and the building standards, it will take approximately 6-10 months from signing the contracts before a center can open.

When signing the contract terms which have to be observed (up to group opening) are determined. All this is in our common interests.


Phone: +7 (495) 518 60 18


Бертран Куэ
Bertrand Coué
General manager
Вахтанг Кубулов
Vakhtang Kubulov
New Projects Manager
Вирджиги Дюран
Virginie Durand
P'titCREF project initiator. Chief Coordinator of a franchise network

Shawn Houle
Director of Teaching and Training
William Courmaceul
Coordinator of language courses for children L4kids