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2012 Greatest CoolCozians: Virginie, the French school director who brought charity to kids and French cuisine to grown-ups

We all want the next generation to be loving and generous. And it is our responsibility as grown-ups to show the little ones the path to kindness. This is why Virginie’s initiatives are so important and we wanted to celebrate them. She managed to involve children into charity, making it fun for them to help others.

Virginie is a stylish and energetic French who has spent a life time in Moscow and is successfully managing P’tit Cref language school. You would think that being a Mum and a manager in Moscow would be enough to fill your days? Not if you are super-Virginie always ready to enthusiastically start a new project. And to complete it successfully ! Twice this year Virginie associated kids activities and charity and actually had to face… overwhelming success. Ah and she didn’t stop with the kids events… she also organized an aperitif at her home. Why do less when you can do more seems to be her motto.

So Virginie for bringing charity to kids and French cooking to grown-ups… you are one of our 2012 Greatest CoolCozians.