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If your child does not attend P'titCREF "Kyiv" but you would like that he or she gets a good head start in terms of language learning, you may enroll them in our Language Academy!

Lessons are organized according to P'titCREF’s unique teaching method, which draws on 16 years of experience in preschool child pedagogy In Ukraine as this relates to bilinguals and trilinguals.

The main components of the method are:

A game-based learning format,

Natural language immersion,

Professional native speaker teachers

Small groups,

A custom series of textbooks BEABA and AWAY WE GO from CREF Publishing.


Lessons are organized both at the P'titCREF "Kyiv" campus and online, via Zoom, accessible from anywhere in the world.

There are four main lesson formats: "Mother + baby", language courses, conversation club, and tutoring.



Mother + Baby

Child is 1 – 3 years old (languages: ENG) – the child is paired with a parent and teacher.

By attending such lessons, the child:

learns to play educational games popular in French- and English-speaking countries

learns and memorizes new words in different foreign languages,

learns to feel comfortable when hearing foreign languages,

learns songs, nursery rhymes and fairy tales,

learns to work in a team, thereby preparing himself or herself for kindergarten.



Language courses

Child is 4-6 years (languages: ENG) – lessons use the BÉABA and AWAY WE GO textbook series.

By attending such lessons, the child:

learns the language, actively studies it, and practices using it with his or her classmates,

develops their speaking and literacy skills,

improves their language proficiency, methodically passing each level,

learns languages both via textbooks and creative, educational activities,

prepares himself or herself to sit for language exams.



Conversation Club

Child is 3-8 years (languages: FRA) – lessons take the form of communication in real-time with a teacher.

By attending such lessons, the child:

learns the language via games,

learns vocabulary related to diverse topics and begins to form words independently,

learns and memorizes new words in a foreign language,

learns about the cultures and traditions of French-speaking countries,

engages in creative activities,

listens to popular French fairy tales in the original language

has several opportunities to interact with others and make new friends.

Teaching staff

Classes are taught by qualified native speaker teachers who have extensive experience working with children in educational institutions in Ukraine and internationally.

English language

Adeni Christian

French language

Jean Baptiste Alic

Ukrainian language

Chorna Lada


3 hour a week



1 Hour



Would you like to send your child to P’titCREF but find that the fees do not fit your budget?

We are happy to offer you the chance to pay in installments.
Let your dreams become reality!