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About Us

The P'titCREF "Arbat" is a private trilingual center for children located in the heart of Moscow, a few steps from the pedestrian street Stary Arbat. Our teaching follows the British, Russian and French curriculum.

Our core principles are:

Total linguistic immersion

Respect for the personality of the child

Dialogue between school and family

Optimal conditions for the harmonious development of the child

Our profile:

1 More than 20 years of experience in trilingual teaching

The first of our former grandchildren are already continuing their studies in universities and high schools in Russia, Europe and the world

2 A recognized original trilingual method. Learning while having fun is the key!

Programs and a set of unique educational materials P'titCREF

3 Generate enthusiasm and a thirst for learning in children

Qualified teachers who teach in their mother tongue

4 Small groups:

Each child receives personalized attention

5 Multilingual groups

These children carrying at least one of the languages ​​taught

6 An original and neat design for the well-being of children

Our language center meets all modern standards and is a pleasant place for children to be in

7 Productive cooperation among all.

Children, teachers, administrative team, the dialogue is permanent between all.

8 The P'titCREF Arbat Cente

Located in the heart of Moscow's golden triangle, easy access.

Parent Profile


Irina Golovina - director of P'titcref Arbat, linguist, simultaneous interpreter, coach, mediator, public relations officer (22+ years of experience), nezavisimaya gazeta columnist. speaks russian, english and french languages. Ms Irina was responsible for media relations and public diplomacy projects at the Belgian embassy in Moscow. Mother. as a volunteer, she was teaching english and professional orientation course for children of an orphanage, helped in the release of a book for a mother of a child with special needs. More about professional and personal experience of Ms Irina here

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