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Kindergarten is not a place to drop off children while the parents are busy at work. It is a home away from home that children attend independent of other family members. Therefore, it is important that the kindergarten is a safe and caring space, and that its guiding philosophy reflects that of the childrens’ parents.

Bring your child to P'titCREF "Kyiv" if you value:

A friendly, educational atmosphere

A friendly, educational atmosphere that promotes respect for children, tolerance, respect for diverse cultures and traditions, care for the environment, and close dialogue between the school and families

Socialization and team spirit

Gentle activation that involves children learning to work in tems and participate in class and school activities, as well as making friends

Developing independence

That consists of children developing skills that improve their self-reliance, sense of personal responsibility, and independent decision-making

Learning motivation and development

Where children learn through play and by working on creative and research-focused projects, as well as by participating in weekly trips, all of which stimulate their interest in learning


Our kindergarten implements a unique language learning method developed specifically for P'titCREF*. The method’s main principles are: natural language immersion, interaction through play, interaction with native speaker teachers, translation-free communication, active language practice, and custom educational materials.

The method comprises a thematic week-based format

Ecology, Travel, Dinosaurs, Fairy Tales, Science, Professions, etc.

With each language apportioned a fixed number of days for effective learning

Russian — 1

English — 2

French — 2

The curriculum at P'titCREF satisfies several national education standards

✓ Ukrainian – “The World and I”

✓ Russia – “From Birth to School” (FGOS),

✓ France – “Programme de l’education nationale française”,

✓ UK – “Early Years Foundation Stage” (EYFS) and the “National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland”


Kindergarten P’titCREF “Kyiv” operates in full and part-time mode in the following:
Kindergarten and Pre-School.

Children can join groups for the entire year, as well as for shorter periods depending on your convenience: a trimester, a month, a week, or even for one day. Visit times can be based on need: half-day (until 15:00), full-day (until 17:00) and full-day with additional clubs (until 18:00)

From 2 to 3 years old:

  • curious about the world,
  • bsorbs knowledge like a ‘sponge’, actively learns poems and songs,
  • reacts to voices, tone, and mode of communication
  • wants to be happy and surprised

The teacher’s task is to:

  • help the child learn to communicate independently and socialize with others,
  • each the child basic skills
By attending the Toddler group at P’titCREF “Kyiv”, the child:

  • understands what kindergarten is all about,
  • earns to function independently (e.g. dressing oneself, toilet use, observing good hygiene, maintaining tidiness, eating with utensils),
  • understands trilingual adults and children,
  • is introduced to literature and music,
  • develops the senses,
  • develops a love and openness for learning new things.

From 3 to 4 years old:

  • confident in their abilities and skills,
  • open to interacting and learning new things,
  • can translanguage.

The teacher’s task is to:

  • develop and boost the child’s self-confidence
  • introduce students to subjects like mathematics, the natural sciences, humanities, and culture studies,
  • develop their creativity,
  • teach them to operate in a team
By attending the Junior group at P’titCREF “Kyiv”, the child:

  • learns greater independence
  • learns how to behave in public and work in a team, as well as make new friends
  • learns the fundamentals of mathematics, reading, writing, literature, music, history, and geography,
  • develops their creativity and discovers their talents,
  • learns to express their opinions, desires and thoughts in three languages,
  • develops their sense of imagination and makes their first scientific discoveries.

From 4 to 5 years old:

  • likes to interact with classmates and make new friends,
  • does not generally establish contact with adults from outside the family,
  • needs a teacher that knows how to communicate in an age-appropriate way,
  • development and knowledge acquisition depend mostly on the environment.

The teacher’s task is to:

  • develop the child’s cognitive and communicative skills,
  • impart new knowledge and develop the child’s ability to access it independently
  • develop the child’s autonomy,
  • encourage the child’s curiosity and desire to explore the world.
By attending the Middle group at P’titCREF “Kyiv”:

  • actively develops speaking skills in three languages and learns basic literacy skills,
  • acquires knowledge in the fields of mathematics, literature, history, geography
  • develops intercultural competence
  • makes new discoveries, does experiments, and learns to reason logically,
  • discovers their creative and athletic potential,

From 5 to 7 years old:

  • focused learning,
  • sufficient vocabulary and becomes selective when using languages,
  • * interested in the meaning of words and provides explanations,
  • learns to make friends and forge strong relationships.

The teacher’s task is to:

  • prepare the child for school,
  • develop their motivation to study,
  • offer projects that the child will study and implement.
By attending Senior and Prep group at P’titCREF “Kyiv”, the child:

  • becomes more independent (makes decisions autonomously and takes responsibility for their actions),
  • develops sufficient literacy skills and mathematical ability to gain admission into schools in Russia and around the world,
  • confidently communicates in three languages with groupmates and teachers,
  • acquires new knowledge independently and applies it,
  • speaks in front of crowds with confidence and expresses their point of view,
  • acquires financial literacy skills,
  • actively develops their talents,

Daily timetable

All activities are conducted in the following languages:
English (2 days weekly) ,
French (2 days weekly),
Russian/Ukrainian (one day weekly).
Each week has a specific theme.

Morning until 12:00

– music and songs,
– lessons with the magnetic board,
– drawing, alphabet and speech development with P’titCREF notebooks,
– breakfast and walk,
– reading classes at the library,
– exercises for the development of fine motor skills.

Afternoon until 17:00

– lunch and free time,
– afternoon nap for toddlers,
– development of literacy, reading and writing for older children,
– math and logic games,
– afternoon tea and walk.

Evening until 19:00

– drawing, activities from 17:00 to 18:00,
– creative, intellectual and sports kids clubs from 18:15 to 19:15.


P'titCREF has a campus that is creatively designed, cozy and fully adapted to the needs of children! We have a special zone with modular elements where children can practice developing their motor skills, a games-specific area, a space for reading and relaxation, a creative zone, a manipulation-and-math zone, a space for sensory development, a food court, and two traditional areas for drawing and literacy.

Children have access to puzzles, building toys and wooden houses, creative materials and interesting books, sandboxes, and sensory boards, as well as modular building materials. Such elements can be easily modified - and the class can change, depending on the lesson plan or even the mood.

Teaching staff

Our team consists of qualified native speaker teachers who give each child individual attention and continuously track their progress and skills development. Both sexes are well represented among the teaching staff, which is very important for children to learn effectively at the preschool level.

English language

Adeni Christian

French language

Jean Baptiste Alic

Ukrainian language

Chorna Lada

Russian Language

Ganna Samokhvalova



Half Day

Half + Clubs

Evening activities

Would you like to send your child to P’titCREF but find that the fees do not fit your budget?

We are happy to offer you the chance to pay in installments.
Let your dreams become reality!