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Arbat Center

B. Afanasyevsky lane, 41

P’titCREF Club



P'titCREF "ARBAT" is open year-round, even during school holidays! " Each holiday season, the center turns into an urban children’s camp that offers new amazing adventures for children between 2 to 7 years of age!

Programs include creative, sports and intellectually stimulating activities in a cozy school environment, as well as in the great outdoors. Each family can select from a range of options: half-day, full-day or full-day with evening activities.

You can apply to participate in a given program in advance and buy the camp ticket the day before the program starts!


Each holiday program at P’titCREF “ARBAT” brings with it a new format and new adventures!

“Forest School”, “Christmas at the Snow Queen”, “Inventions and Inventors”, “Musical Theater”, “Les P’tits Reporters: School of Journalism”, “SPORTS&ARTS Creative Workshops”, and “Vacation in Mexico”.

You can always offer us a new idea or trust our choice!

Teaching Staff

speaker teachers works on each holiday program.
We came up with this idea so that every family had a choice: send their child to a language camp or to a traditional Russian group.

Professional assistants are also present on campus to help teachers with every holiday program
– their duties include looking after the children and helping with chores.
That is why even 2-3 year-olds can enjoy the holidays at P’titCREF “ARBAT”!


We work all year around, including the school holidays. P'titCREF Arbat will organize holiday activities according to the following schedule:


full day

20 000 ₽/ 5 days-a-week
(inclusive of all meals and trips)

4 500 ₽/1 day
(inclusive of meals but without trips)



12000 ₽/ 5 days

3000 ₽/ 1 day

400 ₽/ Lunch


600 ₽/ day

1 000 ₽/ 2 days

1 800 ₽/ 4 days


Would you like to send your child to P’titCREF but find that the fees do not fit your budget?

We are happy to offer you the chance to pay in installments.
Let your dreams become reality!