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P’titCREF Club



P'titCREF "ARBAT" is open year-round, even during school holidays! " Each holiday season, the center turns into an urban children’s camp that offers new amazing adventures for children between 2 to 7 years of age!

Programs include creative, sports and intellectually stimulating activities in a cozy school environment, as well as in the great outdoors. Each family can select from a range of options: half-day, full-day or full-day with evening activities.

You can apply to participate in a given program in advance and buy the camp ticket the day before the program starts!


Each holiday program at P’titCREF “ARBAT” brings with it a new format and new adventures!

“Forest School”, “Christmas at the Snow Queen”, “Inventions and Inventors”, “Musical Theater”, “Les P’tits Reporters: School of Journalism”, “SPORTS&ARTS Creative Workshops”, and “Vacation in Mexico”.

You can always offer us a new idea or trust our choice!

Teaching Staff

speaker teachers works on each holiday program.
We came up with this idea so that every family had a choice: send their child to a language camp or to a traditional Russian group.

Professional assistants are also present on campus to help teachers with every holiday program
– their duties include looking after the children and helping with chores.
That is why even 2-3 year-olds can enjoy the holidays at P’titCREF “ARBAT”!


We work all year around, including the school holidays. P'titCREF Arbat will organize holiday activities according to the following schedule:

full day

20 000 ₽/ 5 days-a-week
(inclusive of all meals and trips)

4 500 ₽/1 day
(inclusive of meals but without trips)



12000 ₽/ 5 days

3000 ₽/ 1 day

400 ₽/ Lunch


600 ₽/ day

1 000 ₽/ 2 days

1 800 ₽/ 4 days