Our center


P'tit CREF is a child development center that includes a kindergarten, a language academy, and a variety of clubs. We are proud to have gathered together an international family of professionals who love their job – to teach children.

We have created a space where children can develop their interests and learn through play, and it is through such immersion that children learn most effectively. We have developed a unique play-based system of language education for the youngest among us, and, within this system, we develop their various skills in a way that ensures a strong foundation on which to build future achievements.


Students at the P'titCREF Language Academy are between 1 to 7 years old. We teach them foreign languages as if they were part of a multilingual family: through natural immersion. Our approach is communicative so that the target language is acquired naturally by the child, who then begins to speak and switch between two or even three languages with ease.

Our language academy has developed a unique teaching method for children of all ages and a series of fascinating textbooks. Our method gives amazing results: children who study with us begin to speak different languages quickly, easily and enthusiastically.

45-minute lessons

group of 6 children with an accompanying person for each child

Two 90-minute lessons weekly (on weekends) for 3 hours

No more than 10 children in a group

Two 90-minute lessons weekly (on weekends) for 3 hours

No more than 10 children in a group

We teach French, Spanish, Chinese, English (together with L4Kids) and even Russian as a foreign language.


Clubs are not just about studying: there is excitement, drive, the chance to make new friends, and skills that the child learns through play. Do you want to provide your children with great memories and lay the foundation for their acquisition of useful skills? Having them join one or several Les P'tits Plus clubs is a great way to accomplish this. The advantages include:


a huge variety of clubs covering different disciplines


you can choose any number of clubs


native speaker teachers


a maximum of 8-10 children per group

We focus on developing the child’s basic cultural competence, as well as their creative and athletic abilities:


The P'titCREF Educational Center is always open, even during the holidays! During the summer, we transform into an urban language camp for children from 2 to 7 years old: you can choose a full-time or part-time group for your child to join.

Native speaker language teachers organize a wide variety of educational and recreational activities, including outdoor activities. We study, play games and sports, and enjoy the summer together so that, by the fall, our students have become stronger, learned new things, and are in a good mood. During the autumn, winter and spring holidays, we organize various events like group hikes, various trips, and workshops so that there is always something fun to do!